Serge Papillon

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To be able to achieve security assurance for services, which run on large and complex communication infrastructures, support tools are needed. Such tools need a representations of the infrastructure that enables and provides security assurance. In this paper we suggest an assurance modeling profile for UML 2.0. The profile contains stereotypes that define(More)
The proliferation of sophisticated cyberattacks, coupled with the steady growth of information and communication technology (ICT) systems in size and complexity, provides motivation for continuous improvements in security management. For day-to-day operation, security officers and administrators need an effective response (or decision aid) system to handle(More)
Nowadays, response systems are used jointly with preventive measures, to ensure an enhanced security level for a given system. In particular, previous papers focus on balancing the cost of the response with the impact of the attack. However, even if an attack was detected, it may not be able to achieve its objective. In this paper, we present a novel attack(More)
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