Serge M. F. Tavernier

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Nano-sized ZnO particles with a narrow size distribution and high crystallinity were prepared from aqueous solutions with high concentrations of Zn containing salts and citric acid in a conventional spray pyrolysis setup. Structure, morphology and size of the produced material were compared to ZnO material produced by simple spray pyrolysis of zinc nitrates(More)
A chemical method was developed for low-temperature synthesis of DAG from MAG followed by an easy purification procedure in order to obtain high-purity DAG. Solvent-assisted and solvent-free reaction conditions were used, combined with different catalysts (sodium methoxide, p-toluenesulfonic acid, methanesulfonic acid, and sulfuric acid). All reactions were(More)
A simple nephelometric method for the determination of sulphates in the anionic surfactant Aerosol-OT is described. The method is based on the formation and stabilization of a barium sulphate dispersion in a water-alcohol mixture and measurement of the turbidity at 650 nm. Beer's law is followed for sodium sulphate concentrations in Aerosol-OT ranging from(More)
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