Serge Gavin

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In this paper, a high output voltage power converter working at variable input DC-link voltage is presented. The variable DC link voltage opens to very interesting solution at system level. However, those solutions will be the subject of futures papers. Only the main power converter structure is presented here. After an evaluation of the most promising(More)
In this paper the realization of a Multi Terminal DC pilot is presented. For the interaction with the medium voltage AC grid, a Modular Multilevel Converter has been designed for its features in low harmonic content, scalability, and flexibility. The Energy buffering of the converter will allow the converter to sustain either AC or DC grids. The operation(More)
In this paper, the power electronics for a sulfur plasma lamp is presented. The plasma is obtained by heating the sulfur using microwaves generated by a magnetron. A custom high voltage (5 kV) power supply has been developed to supply the magnetron. To protect the bulb from melting, a suitable modulation technique has been implemented.
In this paper an interleaved converter has been studied. The control system structure and the modeling of step-up/step-down DC/DC converters working in discontinuous mode have been developed and presented. In order to validate the theoretical model the whole system has been simulated with the PLECS/Simulink simulation software. A proof-of-concept prototype(More)
In this paper, the power electronic for an innovating pasteurization technology is presented. A specific high AC voltage, 120kV at a frequency as high as 800kHz, has to be generated in order to apply an alternating electrical field of 3kV/cm through the liquid. The high voltage generator is based on a modular approach. The module's inputs are paralleled on(More)
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