Serge Friedman

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Few studies have been specifically carried out to characterize the dimensional structure of the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) and those that have, have yielded contradictory results. We have examined the factor structure and sensitivity to change of the HADS in a large French outpatient primary care population treated with sertraline for(More)
The relationship of P3 latency of the event-related potential (ERP) to psychometric performance was investigated in 41 subjects who ranged in age from 20 to 88 years. P3 responses were recorded from subjects using an auditory oddball paradigm with and without task-demands. Subjects also received psychometric tests of verbal performance, visuospatial(More)
INTRODUCTION Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a serious public health problem. It is associated with high levels of mental health service utilization, an important degree of psychosocial impairment and a high rate of suicide (10%). BPD is a common psychiatric disorder and the most frequent personality disorders. Approximately, 15 to 50% of(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the prevalence of alexithymia in insulin-dependent diabetic mellitus (IDDM) outpatients. To examine whether alexithymia is associated with diabetic somatic variables, depression, and compliance. METHOD Our sample comprised 69 diabetic outpatients followed in a university hospital. We assessed the prevalence of alexithymia (26-item(More)
BACKGROUND Assuming that psychomotor disturbances represent the core and are specific of melancholia, Parker et al. have developed the CORE, an 18-item scale assessing retardation, agitation and non-interactivity by behavioural observation which is able to distinguish melancholia from other depressive disorders. We report an inter-rater reliability study of(More)
INTRODUCTION The aim of this paper was to review and summarize the data about the frequency of depression during multiple sclerosis (MS). MATERIAL AND METHODS We performed a metaanalysis to combine the results of the studies which compared the frequency of depression in MS patients with the prevalence in patients with other chronic diseases. Eight(More)
INTRODUCTION According to the estimates of the World Bank and the World Health Organization bipolar disorder is the sixth leading cause of handicap throughout the world. The burden of this disease is similar to the one of schizophrenia. But cost-of-illness studies are too seldom. Although preventive treatments of bipolar disorder are available for more than(More)
Anorectics and bulimics often complain sleep onset insomnia and disrupted sleep. During awakenings bulimics can have binges. Conversely, eating disorders can be a clinical expression of a concomitantly occurring sleep disorder. Two clinical entities have been recently described: the Night Eating Syndrome (NES) and the Sleep Related Eating Disorders. The(More)