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The beta-adrenergic agonist 1 (zilpaterol) is used as production enhancer in cattle. Binding experiments of separated enantiomers on recombinant human beta(2)-adrenergic and mu-opioid receptors and functional studies showed that the (-)-1 enantiomer accounts for essentially all the beta(2)-adrenergic agonist activity and that it exhibits less affinity(More)
  • Serge Droux, M Roy, G Félix
  • Journal of chromatography. B, Analytical…
  • 2014
We report here the study of the stability under subcritical water conditions of one of the most popular polysaccharide chiral stationary phase (CSP): Chiralcel OD. This CSP was used under high temperature and reversed phase conditions with acetonitrile and 2-propanol as modifier, respectively. The evolution of selectivity and resolution was investigated(More)
We report here the application of subcritical water in chiral separations on two popular polysaccharide chiral stationary phases (CSPs): Chiralpak AD and Chiralcel OD. The behavior of these two CSPs was studied under reversed phase conditions at room temperature to discover the maximum percentage of water in the mobile phase, which provided the separation(More)
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