Serge Douvier

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OBJECTIVES The new French cancer plan provides the implementation of organized screening. To make an assessment of the situation, we aim to describe clinical, tumor and survival characteristics of patients with invasive cervical cancer. STUDY DESIGN Data on women suffering from invasive cervical cancer and diagnosed from 1998 to 2010 were provided by the(More)
Two siblings with a previously undescribed syndrome are presented. They both have severe dwarfism, antenatal in origin, with generalized chondrodysplasia, severe microcephaly with cerebellar vermis hypoplasia, a hypoplastic iris and a papillous coloboma (Coloboma of the optic disc). The first sibling has a 46,XY karyotype despite normal female internal and(More)
Acute intussusception in adults is rare and particularly so in pregnant women (between 1 / 5000 and 1 / 68,000 deliveries). It is a life-threatening condition for both the mother and the fetus. In adults, such intussusceptions are mainly secondary to an intestinal disease and frequently a tumour. We describe here a case of spontaneous intussusception during(More)
The most frequent symptom with leiomyoma is menometrorrhagia. However, it can be responsible of pelvic pain, dysmenorrhea or urinary and digestive compression when it is particularly voluminous. These recommandations were made in order to review medical management of fibroids. If no therapy is able to have them disappear, various drugs may reduce their(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the efficacy of pre-myomectomy uterine artery embolization with gelatin sponge particles to reduce operative blood loss and facilitate removal of fibroids. MATERIALS AND METHODS This retrospective study included 33 women (mean age, 36 years; range, 24-45 years), of whom at least 18 wished to preserve fertility. They presented with at(More)
PURPOSE Fibroids are a frequent cause of gynecology referral. Myomectomy is a conservative treatment alternative. The main risk from this procedure is hemorrhage. The main objective of this study was to demonstrate the efficacy of preoperative uterine artery embolization with resorbable agents to reduce blood losses and facilitate myomectomy. Secondary(More)
Hydroxyurea (HU) is an antineoplastic drug currently used in the management of many myeloproliferative disorders and especially in essential thombocythemia (ET). The management of pregnancy in women with a myeloproliferative disorder is a real dilemna. Being faced directly with the problem of information and counselling about HU exposure in pregnancy, we(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess human papillomavirus prophylactic vaccine coverage among a representative population of French girls, aged 14 years and above, attending middle and high schools, and to determine factors associated with the initiation and completion of the vaccination protocol. STUDY DESIGN This cross-sectional study, designed with cluster sampling,(More)
OBJECTIVE The principal aim of this study was the predictability of malignant ovarian tumors and to determine a cut-off value for this score to indicate the risk of malignancy that would be easy to use in clinical practice. METHODS We retrospectively calculated the ADNEX score for all patients who underwent surgery for ovarian tumours in two Burgundy(More)