Serge Domenech

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This work deals with the multicriteria cost–environment design of multiproduct batch plants, where the design variables are the size of the equipment items as well as the operating conditions. The case study is a multiproduct batch plant for the production of four recombinant proteins. Given the important combinatorial aspect of the problem, the approach(More)
This work deals with multiobjective optimization problems using Genetic Algorithms (GA). A MultiObjective GA (MOGA) is proposed to solve multiobjective problems combining both continuous and discrete variables. This kind of problem is commonly found in chemical engineering since process design and operability involve structural and decisional choices as(More)
This paper addresses the problem of the optimal design of batch plants with imprecise demands in product amounts. The design of such plants necessary involves how equipment may be utilized, which means that plant scheduling and production must constitute a basic part of the design problem. Rather than resorting to a traditional probabilistic approach for(More)
The optimal design of multicontaminant industrial water networks according to several objectives is carried out in this paper. The general formulation of the water allocation problem (WAP) is given as a set of nonlinear equations with binary variables representing the presence of interconnections in the network. For optimization purposes, three antagonist(More)