Serge Bruno Yamgoué

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We report here the results of numerical investigation of noise effects on the propagation in a nonlinear waveguide modeled by a discrete electrical line. Considering a periodic signal of frequency exceeding the natural cutoff frequency of this system, we show that noise can be used to trigger soliton generation in the medium. Besides the classical(More)
We consider a modified Noguchi electrical transmission line and examine the effects of a linear capacitance C(s) on the wave characteristics while considering the semidiscrete approximation. It appears that wave modulations in the network are governed by a dispersive nonlinear Schrödinger equation whose coefficients are shown to be a function of C(s). We(More)
In this paper, based on a combination of homogenous balance and the rational expansion method, the exact analytical and closed-form solutions of the Duffing equation with cubic and quintic nonlinearities are derived. We focus on heteroclinic and homoclinic solutions which are relevant for the prediction of chaos in forced mechanical systems. The conditions(More)
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