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In rational addiction theory, higher discount rates encourage drug use. We test this hypothesis in the general framework of rationality and behaviour under risk. We do so using an experimental design with real monetary incentives. The decisions of 34 drug addicts are compared with those of a control group. The decisions of drug users (DU) are not any less(More)
Many people vote in large elections with costs to vote although the expected benefits would seem to be infinitesimal to a rational mind. We show that prospect and regret theories cannot solve this paradox of not voting and may even aggravate it. However, if the possibility of a decisive vote comes to mind, expected utility maximizers will doubt their(More)
La plupart des gens votent lors d'élections nationales alors qu'il y a un coût pour voter et surtout que le bénéfice espéré est infinitésimal en comparaison, d'où le paradoxe. Nous montrons que les théories des perspectives et du regret ne peuvent résoudre ce paradoxe et peuvent même l'aggraver. Cependant, si la possibilité de produire un vote décisif vient(More)
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