Serge Bisaillon

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This paper introduces a large neighbourhood search heuristic for an airline recovery problem combining fleet assignment, aircraft routing and passenger assignment. Given an initial schedule, a list of disruptions, and a recovery period, the problem consists in constructing aircraft routes and passenger itineraries for the recovery period that allow the(More)
Methods are described for growing calcium oxalate in silica and gelatin gels under different conditions. The results obtained indicate that, in silica gel, calcium oxalate grows into single individual crystals, twins, and rosettes. Bipyramidal calcium oxalate dihydrate crystals similar to those present in the urine of stone formers were prepared in the(More)
Wireless communication networks have undergone a dramatic expansion over the past two decades. Given the continuing fast growth in demand for wireless services, Frequency Assignment Problems (FAP) play a key role in the planning of such networks [12]. Several variants of FAP have been studied over the past ten years. A common feature of these problems is(More)
To separate the respective influence of the level and source of infused energy on nitrogen metabolism, 32 studies were performed in 16 appropriate-for-gestational-age newborn infants (birth weight 2150 +/- 115 g, means +/- SEM). In a cross-over design, each patient received two 6-d periods of isocaloric and isonitrogenous (450 infusions,(More)
The kinetics of dissolution and growth of calcium oxalate monohydrate were examined in the presence of small concentrations of pyrophosphate, chlorophyll, and other agents. Data presented show that the retardation in mass transport in both processes is controlled by the nature of the additive, its concentration, and the way the additives are combined in the(More)
As part of an ongoing study on the influence of intravenous glucose and fat on nitrogen metabolism we evaluated the relationship between the source of infused energy and plasma amino acid levels. Thirty-two studies were performed in 16 appropriate-for-gestational-age newborn infants (birth weight, 2150 +/- 115 g; means +/- SEM). In a crossover design each(More)
The hypothesis that infused fat could prolong venous patency was tested in a paired crossover design. Parenterally fed newborn infants received, for a given level of energy, (60 vs 80 kcal/kg/day), two 6-day isocaloric and isonitrogenous (434 +/- 3.4 mg/kg/day, n = 32) regimens differing only by the fat intake (LF: 1.03 +/- 0.02, HF: 2.78 +/- 0.05(More)
Standard nonionic emulsifiers are heterogeneous by nature. Their reported molecular weight is unreliable, especially when several lots of the product are used in a study. The number-average molecular weights of two nonionic emulsifiers, poloxamer 188 and polyoxyethylene (23) lauryl ether were determined by vapor-phase osmometry. This determination is(More)
Carbohydrate and lipid intakes have both been found to modulate the metabolism of long-chain fatty acids. To define the respective influence of these two energy substrates on plasma fatty acid concentrations, 32 studies were performed in 16 parenterally fed newborn infants (mean +/- SEM, birth wt: 2.15 +/- 0.1 kg, age: 10 +/- 1 d). In a paired cross-over(More)