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A 58 year-old man who lived in Africa for 17 years, presented, four years after returning to western France, acute confusion and weight loss. He had no fever and no immunosuppression. Clinical examination revealed Babinski sign, mucosal ulcerations of the mouth and hepatomegaly. The lumbar puncture revealed a meningitis and MRI showed a few parenchymal(More)
A series of 100 patients underwent surgical treatment for chronic subdural hematomas between 1979 and 1987. The procedure consisted of craniectomy with a 30-mm trephine, irrigation and drainage of the hematoma, laceration of the outer and inner membranes, and lumbar intrathecal injection of Ringer's lactate solution for immediate cerebral reexpansion(More)
The authors report a case of pigmented thoracic neuroma (T3) discovered in a 40 year old woman on a routine chest x-ray. This hourglass-shaped extra-dural tumour was investigated by computed tomography, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging and iopamiron myelography. Treatment consisted of complete resection by T2-T3 laminectomy and left T3 foraminotomy. Light(More)
UNLABELLED Even though diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome is mainly based on clinical findings, other examinations are often useful for confirmation and management. The most useful of these examinations is EMG. However, EMG may be inconclusive and MRI may then be helpful. The indications for MRI in patients with carpal tunnel syndrome will be reviewed. (More)
Nuclear Overhauser enhancements (NOEs) have been observed between some of the nonexchangeable protons of the self-complementary octanucleoside heptaphosphate d(G-G-T-A-T-A-C-C) in conditions under which duplex formation takes place. Comparison of inter- and intraresidue NOEs has made possible the assignment of all the aromatic and 1'- and 2'-ribosyl(More)