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1 Overview Formal methods are used in the software development process to increase the security and safety of software. The software systems as well as their requirement specifications are formalised in a textual manner in some specification language like Casl [3] or Vse-Sl [10]. The specification languages provide constructs to structure the textual(More)
Development graphs are a tool for dealing with structured specifications in a formal program development in order to ease the management of change and reusing proofs. In this work, we extend development graphs with hiding (e.g. hidden operations). Hiding is a particularly difficult to realize operation, since it does not admit such a good decomposition of(More)
We propose a proof representation format for human-oriented proofs at the assertion level with under-specification. This work aims at providing a possible solution to challenging phenomena worked out in empirical studies in the DIALOG project at Saarland University. A particular challenge in this project is to bridge the gap between the human-oriented proof(More)
A practically useful mathematical assistant system requires the sophisticated combination of interaction and automation. Central in such a system is the proof data structure, which has to maintain the current proof state and which has to allow the flexible interplay of various components including the human user. We describe a parameterized proof data(More)