Serge Antonczak

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A joint approach combining free-energy calculations and calcium-imaging assays on the broadly tuned human 1G1 olfactory receptor is reported. The free energy of binding of ten odorants was computed by means of molecular-dynamics simulations. This state function allows separating the experimentally determined eight agonists from the two non-agonists. This(More)
In this article we report calculations dedicated to estimate the selectivity of the Bombyx mori pheromone binding protein towards the two closely related pheromonal components Bombykol and Bombykal. The selectivity is quantified by the binding free-energy difference, obtained either by the thermodynamic integration or by the MM-GBSA approach. In the latter,(More)
Amino acids are involved in many scientific theories elucidating possible origins of life on Earth. One of the challenges when discussing the evolutionary origin of biopolymers such as proteins and oligonucleotides in living organisms is the phenomenon that these polymers implement monomers of exclusively one handedness, a feature called biomolecular(More)
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