Serge Abiteboul

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language, designed for querying semistructured data. Semistructured data is becoming more and more prevalent, e.g., in structured documents such as HTML and when performing simple integration of data from multiple sources. Traditional data models and query languages are inappropriate, since semistructured data often is irregular: some data is missing,(More)
Since Ancient Days, human beings have exchanged money for goods, or even some goods for other kind of goods. The goods that were exchanged characterized the different ages through History. Today, we are in the so-called Information Age and, therefore, a core part of current interactions take place around data exchanges. Serge Abiteboul et al.’s “Data on the(More)
Lore (for Lightweight Object Repository) is a DBMS designed specifically for managing semistructured information. Implementing Lore has required rethinking all aspects of a DBMS, including storage management, indexing, query processing and optimization, and user interfaces. This paper provides an overview of these aspects of the Lore system, as well as(More)
The amount of data of all kinds available electronically has increased dramatically in recent years. The data resides in di erent forms, ranging from unstructured data in le systems to highly structured in relational database systems. Data is accessible through a variety of interfaces including Web browsers, database query languages, application-speci c(More)
A new, formally defined database model is introduced which combines fundamental principles of "semantic" database modeling in a coherent fashion. The model provides mechanisms for representing structured objects and functional and ISA relationships between them. It is anticipated that the model can serve as the foundation for a theoretical investigation(More)