Sergĕı Sergeeva

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We prove that the sequence of eigencones (i.e., cones of nonnegative eigenvec-tors) of matrix powers is periodic both in max algebra and in nonnegative linear algebra. Using an argument of Pullman, we also show that the Minkowski sum of the eigencones of A t is equal to the core of A defined as the intersection of nonnegative column spans of matrix powers,(More)
The effects of antihypoxants gutimine and amtisole on oxygen consumption by the intact nerve cell of the invertebrate and the activity of NADN-DH and SDH-dependent ways of oxidation in the cell were studied. Under normoxia gutimine inhibited the nerve cell respiration and decreased the activity of NADN-DN and SDH-dependent ways of oxidation by 15% and 5%(More)
  • S S Sergeeva
  • 1994
The antihypoxants gutimine and amtisole, its cyclic derivative of 3.5-diamino-1,thia-2,4-diazole were tested for their effects on the activity of one of the most power-consuming functions of a nerve cell--on the activity of the K, Na-pump during normoxia. Gutimine was found to decrease K, Na-pump activity in the Retzius neurone by an average of 70%(More)