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Drug induced biogenesis of nitrosamines.
: It has been demonstrated that potentially corcinogenic nitroso compounds are readily formed when certain widely used drugs with secondary alkylaminostructures (e.g. nortriptyline and fenfluramine)Expand
Monitoring aminopentamide urinary excretion by means of multiple 'microphase' extraction - a rapid method for the extraction and concentration of small amounts of lipophilic drugs from large volumes
It has been demonstrated that low concentrations of basic lipophilic drugs in biological fluids may be extracted and concentrated 10(4)-10(6) times by a series of extraction procedures in which theExpand
A direct procedure for the micro-scale preparation of acyl derivatives of nucleophilic drugs from carboxylic acids for gc separation and identification.
: Free carboxylic acids were converted into mixed anhydrides suitable for the acylation of nucleophilic drugs in a one-step procedure. By preparing more than one acyl derivative and comparing theExpand
Prevalence of familial hypercholesterolemia.