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The transmission of bulk power within a zone of an interconnected region of an electricity grid is controlled by substation automation systems. The substations are where electricity is routed throughout the grid, as well as the control and communication nodes of the network grid. It is crucial for the security of the electricity grid that there should be no(More)
MOTIVATION Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) is used to study the organization and the positioning of specific DNA sequences within the cell nucleus. Analyzing the data from FISH images is a tedious process that invokes an element of subjectivity. Automated FISH image analysis offers savings in time as well as gaining the benefit of objective data(More)
The Problem • CIP for of the grid is vulnerable to well-coordinated synchronized attacks • Time for effective countermeasures to prevent synchronized attack is on the order of ten(s) of power cycles • Control operators may not have sufficient time to react to such an attack • Communications and networks to prevent synchronized attacks are not currently(More)
—Most critical infrastructures can be modeled as cyber-physical systems whose cyber components control physical processes so as to optimize specific system objectives. Protecting such systems from malicious threats (including insider threats) is particularly challenging. One solution, based on Trusted Computing technologies such as the Trusted Platform(More)
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