Serene H John

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CONTEXT Identification of clinically relevant biomarkers is required for better diagnosis, prevention and treatment of tuberculosis. OBJECTIVE In this review, potential host biomarkers in blood or blood cells in tuberculosis were identified by a systematic approach. METHODS A total of 55 articles were selected from PubMed and Google Scholar that(More)
Insect immune system comprises of both humoral and cellular defenses. Nodulation is one of the major, yet very poorly understood cellular responses against microbial infections in insects. Through screening for novel immune genes from an Indian saturniid silkmoth Antheraea mylitta, we identified a protein up-regulated in hemolymph within minutes upon(More)
In the recent years a strong resemblance has been observed between the insect immune system and the mammalian innate immune mechanisms suggesting their common origin. Among the insects, only the dipterans (Drosophila and various mosquito species) have been widely investigated for their immune responses towards diverse pathogens. In the present study we(More)
The identification of immune correlates that are predictive of disease outcome for tuberculosis remains an ongoing challenge. To address this issue, we evaluated gene expression profiles from peripheral blood mononuclear cells following ex vivo challenge with Mycobacterium tuberculosis, among participants with active TB disease (ATBD, n = 10), latent TB(More)
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