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The nucleus tegmenti pedunculopontine (PPTg) is a new target for deep brain stimulation (DBS) in Parkinson's disease (PD), in particular for ameliorating postural abnormalities and gait disturbances. The objective of the study is to describe the pre-operative planning, the surgical procedures and results of the DBS of PPTg in humans. Thirteen patients were(More)
The use of robotics in neurosurgery and, particularly, in stereotactic neurosurgery, is becoming more and more adopted because of the great advantages that it offers. Robotic manipulators easily allow to achieve great precision, reliability, and rapidity in the positioning of surgical instruments or devices in the brain. The aim of this work was to(More)
SIMpliCity is an application developed in the RFID Lab of CATTID (Centre for the Applications of Television and for Distance Learning Techniques), research centre of Rome University " La Sapienza " , that helps tourists in their sightseeing around the city and offers value-added services for both tourists and local citizens, thanks to the use of mobile(More)
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