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OBJECTIVE To test the hypothesis that reduced birth weight in normal fetuses born at moderately high altitude (Denver), compared with the birth weight in normal fetuses born at sea level (Milan), is caused by a reduction in both lean mass and subcutaneous fat mass. STUDY DESIGN Ninety-four normal singleton pregnancies (46 in Denver, 48 in Milan) had(More)
AIM To compare sonographic measurements of fetal fat tissue in pregnancies complicated by gestational diabetes (GD), with patients undergoing either a diet only or a combined diet and insulin treatment, to those obtained in pregnancies with a normal glucose challenge test. METHODS Forty-five singleton pregnancies complicated by GD but free of any other(More)
Information on uterine blood flow rate during pregnancy would widely improve our knowledge on feto-placental patho-physiology. Ultrasonographic flow rate evaluation requires the knowledge of the spatial velocity profiles throughout the investigated vessel; these data may be obtained from hemodynamic simulations with accurate computational models. Recently,(More)
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