Serena Petrocchi

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Mothers who were classified as resolved showed higher levels of secure base, own and other perspective-taking, and lower level of neutralization than mothers classified as unresolved. Mothers with a higher level of neutralization, compared with mothers with a lower level of neutralization, had children with a higher level of avoidance. The study analyzed(More)
Purpose: The present study analyzed the social-cognitive and social-perceptual components of Theory of Mind (ToM) comparing three groups of deaf adults to three matched hearing groups. The influence of verbal IQ was also investigated. Methods: The participants were 15 native signers, 15 late signers, 17 oral deaf adults paired by gender, age and mental age(More)
Measurement invariance is a crucial prerequisite to carry out cross-cultural research and to provide knowledge that enables culturally diverse patients to feel comfortable with their health providers. Although trust in doctors and health empowerment are widely studied, no previous research has examined their measurement invariance. The Short Wake Forest(More)
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