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OBJECTIVE To assess the epidemiology of gout and hyperuricaemia in the Italian general population during the years 2005-2009. METHODS Using the Italian primary care database (Health Search/CSD Longitudinal Patient Database), the prevalence, incidence and recurrence rates of gout and/or hyperuricaemia (serum urate level >360 mmol/l (6 mg/dl)) in(More)
The practice of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) screening has been increasing in Italy despite uncertain scientific evidence and contrary recommendations from most scientific societies. In 2002, a survey of PSA screening diffusion among general practices was performed, looking for screening frequency and age pattern of screened individuals. The objective of(More)
OBJECTIVES This drug utilization study aims to evaluate the incidence and prevalence of prescribed antidepressants (SSRIs or SNRIs) and to describe treatment modalities in Italy during the period 2003-2009. METHODS This retrospective analysis on the prescription and treatment modalities of SSRIs or SNRIs is based on an Italian general practice database,(More)
Despite the high use of antidepressants (ADs) among the elderly, there is limited information about the prescribing pattern of these drugs in the Italian elderly population. The aim of this study was to analyze the trend in the use of ADs in the Italian elderly patients in the years 2003-2009, and specifically, to evaluate rates and predictors of AD(More)
OBJECTIVES To estimate the prevalence and incidence of epilepsy in Italy using a national database of general practitioners (GPs). METHODS The Health Search CSD Longitudinal Patient Database (HSD) has been established in 1998 by the Italian College of GPs. Participants were 700 GPs, representing a population of 912,458. For each patient, information on(More)
BACKGROUND Pharmacological preventive therapy after acute myocardial infarction (AMI) is strictly recommended because of its great efficacy. Little is known about long-term utilization of drugs related to cardiovascular secondary prevention in everyday practice. DESIGN A population-based cohort study on the basis of an Italian general practice database.(More)
OBJECTIVES To explore the antibiotic prescribing pattern for cystitis and the patient-related variables associated with prescription during a 4 year period among Italian general practitioners (GPs). METHODS We obtained information from the 'Health Search Database' (HSD), an Italian general practice research database. From a total sample of 457 672(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Rising prevalence of CKD requires active involvement of general practitioners to limit ESRD and mortality risk. However, the outcomes of patients with CKD exclusively managed by general practitioners are ill defined. DESIGN, SETTING, PARTICIPANTS, & MEASUREMENTS We prospectively evaluated 30,326 adult patients with nondialysis(More)
BACKGROUND Sudden cardiac death (SCD) is a major cause of death in western countries, with coronary heart disease (CHD) being the basis of over 70% of SCD. Incidence in high-CHD risk countries has already been studied, but this information is not available for Mediterranean low-CHD risk countries. Incidence is of paramount importance when cost-effectiveness(More)
PURPOSE To examine patterns of outpatient and community antibiotic use among adults in five European countries. METHODS We used healthcare data of 28.8 million adults from six population-based ARITMO project databases to ascertain information on systemic antibiotic use in Denmark (2000-2008), the Netherlands (1999-2010), Italy (2000-2010), the UK(More)