Serena Matucci

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and Applied Analysis 3 and their main qualitative properties have been investigated since a long time, and we refer to 2, 7, 8 for details. The latter case; that is, α 0, was recently discussed in 9 . As far as we know, the first detailed investigation concerning the existence of t.w.s. of 1.1 when D satisfies 1.5 and α ∈ 0, 1 appeared in 10 , but there was(More)
We establish necessary and sufficient conditions for all positive solutions of a linear second order difference equation to be Karamata sequences, i.e., slowly varying or regularly varying or rapidly varying. Moreover, we discuss relations with the standard classification of nonoscillatory solutions and with the notion of recessive solutions. Our results(More)
The optimal equilibrium harvesting policy is investigated for an age-dependent population of females whose life history consists of two stages termed eggs (or juveniles) and adults. Using a continuous-time linear model, we consider admissible harvesting policies in which a certain fraction of individuals of fixed ages is harvested per unit time in both(More)
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