Serena Jeblee

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In this paper, we describe the CMUQ system we submitted to The ANLP-QALB 2014 Shared Task on Automatic Text Correction for Arabic. Our system combines rule-based linguistic techniques with statistical language modeling techniques and machine translationbased methods. Our system outperforms the baseline and reaches an F-score of 65.42% on the test set of(More)
In this paper, we present a statistical machine translation system for English to Dialectal Arabic (DA), using Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) as a pivot. We create a core system to translate from English to MSA using a large bilingual parallel corpus. Then, we design two separate pathways for translation from MSA into DA: a two-step domain and dialect(More)
Some languages have very consistent mappings between graphemes and phonemes, while in other languages, this mapping is more ambiguous. Consonantal writing systems prove to be a challenge for Text to Speech Systems (TTS) because they do not indicate short vowels, which creates an ambiguity in pronunciation. Special letter-to-sound rules may be needed for(More)
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