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Thou shalt not discriminate: How emphasizing moral ideals rather than obligations increases Whites' support for social equality
Abstract An important step toward reducing group-based disparities in society is creating support for equality among advantaged group members (e.g., Whites and men). The current research examined howExpand
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Implications of Research Staff Demographics for Psychological Science
Long-standing research traditions in psychology have established the fundamental impact of social categories, such as race and gender, on people’s perceptions of themselves and others, as well as onExpand
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Rooting for the top dog: How social dominance motives shape group preference in intergroup competition
Abstract Moving beyond prior research establishing people's preference for underdogs, we examined the role of social dominance orientation (SDO) in shaping individuals' preference for underdogsExpand
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At the Heart of Egalitarianism
Work on morality framing has demonstrated that emphasizing moral ideals (vs. obligations) elicits positive intergroup attitudes among Whites (Does, Derks, & Ellemers, 2011). The current research goesExpand
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The Absence of Positive Experiences: Examining Disparities in the Workplace
The current contribution offers a new framework to understand disparities in workplace experiences: two forms of advantage: (a) positive experiences encountered (privilege) and (b) negative experie...
Multiple racial identities as sources of psychological resilience
Soc Personal Psychol Compass. 2019;13:e12469. https://doi.org/10.1111/spc3.12469 w Abstract Much of the research on multiracial individuals has focused on the impact of a multiracial background onExpand
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Research: How Sexual Harassment Affects a Company’s Public Image
There has been a wave of sexual harassment reports in recent years that have resulted in the dethroning of high-profile men in media and entertainment, sports, business, and politics. What canExpand
Third Party Perceptions of Organizations Facing Sexual Harassment Claims
Sexual harassment is one of the most prevalent forms of workplace aggression. Existing research focuses primarily on the impact of sexual harassment on its direct victim(s). Although some work exam...