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The authors review the basic principles of tendon healing and repair as they apply to a ruptured Achilles tendon, and discuss its diagnosis and treatment. The treatment, either surgical or conservative, is a controversial subject. Both forms have their problems. The authors conclude that while surgical repair is the treatment of choice in most cases,(More)
Practices related to open source hardware and software, open design and digital fabrication demonstrate new ways for designing and producing things. In the domain of open source technology, novel paradigms emerge in which customization is combined with personal fabrication, product development is expanded by users' co-design, open licenses replace the(More)
Pantalar arthrodesis creates a sensate prosthesis consisting of the ankle and rearfoot complex. Its primary purpose is to create a plantigrade stable rearfoot and ankle. Special attention must be placed on the technical aspects of this procedure, particularly the positioning of the ankle and subtalar complex.
There are many variables that factor into the decision to fixate a metatarsal head osteotomy. These decisions should be based on a thorough understanding of all of these factors. This article discusses osteotomies in a generic sense and the many variables that should be considered. It should be noted that whether internal fixation is employed or not, a(More)
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