Serena Belegrinou

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The interaction of the proteins bovine serum albumin (BSA), lysozyme (Lys), lactoferrin (Lf), and fibronectin (Fn) with surfaces of protein-resistant poly(ethylene oxide) (PEO) and protein-adsorbing poly(acrylic acid) (PAA) fabricated by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition has been studied with quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation monitoring(More)
An easy route to planar solid-supported polymer membranes by vesicle spreading is described. Pre-organized poly(butadiene)-block-poly(ethylene oxide)(PB-PEO) assemblies were spread on two different supports, i.e. strongly hydrophilic glass surfaces and ultrasmooth gold substrates. Polymer membranes were produced on a hydrophilic support by spreading(More)
We present a model system to demonstrate that the positioning of biomolecules (membrane proteins) in a nonnative, complex thin film environment can be regulated by the phase behavior of film components. Partial separation between an amphiphilic polymer and a lipid drives the protein to a fluid phase, mechanically more similar to a cellular bilayer.
Droplet formation during adsorption of the protein lactoferrin from an aqueous solution on a surface functionalized by plasma deposited poly(acrylic acid) is studied using quartz crystal microbalance and atomic force microscopy. The formation of protein droplets is particularly favored at pH values close to the isoelectric point of lactoferrin, where the(More)
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