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NADPH oxidase-dependent redox signaling in human heart failure: relationship between the left and right ventricle.
Oxidative stress resulting from increased superoxide generation by NADPH oxidase is implicated in the pathophysiology of human heart failure. Downstream targets of NADPH oxidase remain undefined andExpand
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Mycobacterium insubricum sp. nov.
Five independent strains, isolated from clinical samples but probably not responsible for disease, revealed phenotypic and genotypic features that appeared to exclude their belonging to any of theExpand
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Pulmonary Disease Due to Mycobacterium arosiense, an Easily Misidentified Pathogenic Novel Mycobacterium
ABSTRACT Mycobacterium arosiense is a newly described species. After noticing it was misidentified as Mycobacterium intracellulare by the commercial identification system GenoType CM (Hein, Nehren,Expand
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Use of commercial cards for freeing DNA from mycobacterial strains.
A new commercial system for rapid extraction of DNA, consisting of a card on which a drop of bacterial suspension is spotted, was evaluated with 43 mycobacterial strains. Once dried, a small disk ofExpand
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