Seref Mirasyedioglu

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This paper presents a new symbolic algorithm to compute the singular initial value problem of second-order ordinary differential equations using Adomian decomposition method. The algorithm has been implemented in the computer algebra system Maple to facilitate the application of this method. A number of examples are presented to demonstrate the computation(More)
Computers are very useful for numerical integration, that is the finding of definite integrals. But Computer Algebra also lets us perform formal integration, that is the discovery of integrals as formulae. Formal differentiation was undertaken quite early in the history of computers by Kahrimanian and Nolan (1953), but it was Slagle (1961) who took the(More)
This paper presents a new functional computation model for developing a class of two-variable Lambda-Boolean functions, and describes the properties of the duality principle on this model. With respect to this aim, some definitions and theorems which construct the model of the two-variable Lambda-Boolean functions are given. The simulation of the model is(More)
In 1992, Koepf [J. Symb. Comp. 13 (1992) 581] introduced an algorithm for computing a Formal Power Series of a given function using generalized hypergeometric series and a recurrence equation of hypergeometric type. The main aim of this paper is to develop a new algorithm for computing exact power series solutions of second order linear differential(More)
This paper presents a new Lambda-Boolean reduction machine for Lambda-Boolean and Lambda-Beta Boolean reductions in the context of Lambda Calculus and introduces the role of Church–Rosser properties and functional computation model in symbolic and algebraic computation with induction. The algorithm which improved for Lambda-Beta Boolean reduction is(More)
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