Serdar Süer Erdem

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In a widely deployed VoIP system tens of thousands of clients compete for the SIP proxy server’s authentication service. SIP protocol implementations have to meet certain QoS and security requirements. In this study new ID-based protocols are proposed for the SIP authentication and key agreement protocols. These protocols minimize the use of expensive(More)
We propose a new algorithm for fast multiplication of large integers having a precision of 2 computer words, where k is an integer. The algorithm is derived from the Karatsuba-Ofman Algorithm and has the same asymptotic complexity. However, the running time of the new algorithm is slightly better, and it makes one third as many recursive calls.
Practical implementations of cryptographic algorithms are vulnerable to side-channel analysis and fault attacks. Thus, some masking and fault detection algorithms must be incorporated into these implementations. These additions further increase the complexity of the cryptographic devices which already need to perform computationally-intensive operations.(More)
This work investigates the digit serial polynomial basis multipliers performing multiplication in multiple binary extension fields F2m1 ; F2m2 ; . . . ;F2mk . Designing such versatile multipliers encounters a number of difficulties. First of all, the element sizes of the supported fields are different from each other, and thus the elements are represented(More)
The Rijndael is a block cipher with variable block and key size. The Rijndael with 128 bit block size is adopted as the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) in 2000 and has become widely used in the bulk data encryption. This work investigates the efficient implementations of the Rijndael for the 32 bit resource limited mobile devices using Java 2 Micro(More)
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