Serdar Nurmedov

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Individuals with psychosocial problems such as social phobia or feelings of loneliness might be vulnerable to excessive use of cyber-technological devices, such as smartphones. We aimed to determine the relationship of smartphone addiction with social phobia and loneliness in a sample of university students in Istanbul, Turkey. Three hundred and sixty-seven(More)
Hyponatraemia is a very rare but potentially fatal complication of SSRIs and citalopram therapy, especially during the first weeks of treatment and for those who concomitantly use medications known to cause hyponatraemia. We present a 54-year-old hypertensive female patient who was admitted to the hospital with drowsiness, paresthesia, fatigue, nausea,(More)
BACKGROUND Synthetic cannabinoids are compounds that bind cannabinoid receptors with a high potency and have been used widely in Europe by young people. However, little is known about the pharmacology and morphological effects of this group of substances in the brain. This study is aimed at investigating the morphological differences among synthetic(More)
Objective: To examine the correlations among electroencephalography and serum drug level parameters to predict the responsiveness to antidepressant treatment in patients with major depression. Methods: Subjects received sertraline, 50 mg daily, for four weeks. On the first day before the initiation of treatment, 1 hour and 3 hour afterwards oral sertraline(More)
AIM Polysubstance users represent the largest group of patients seeking treatment at addiction and rehabilitation clinics in Turkey. There is little knowledge about the structural brain abnormalities seen in polysubstance users. This study was conducted to examine the structural brain differences between polysubstance use disorder patients and healthy(More)
To cite: Darçın AE, Noyan OC, Nurmedov S, et al. BMJ Case Rep Published online: [please include Day Month Year] doi:10.1136/bcr-2016215337 DESCRIPTION A 53-year-old man, a health professional from a Middle Eastern country, was admitted with parenteral overuse of pentazocine. He had first used pentazocine in the First Persian Gulf War for migraine. He began(More)
Objective: Impulsivity is an important neurobiological process that contributes to individual differences in substance use disorder vulnerability. Uric acid has been mentioned to be telated to some psychiatric disorders characterized by impulsivity. No other study has yet examined the relationship between UA plasma concentration and impulsivity in patients(More)
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