Serdar Kucuk

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In this paper, conventional global and local indices – structural length index, manipulability measure, condition number and Global Conditioning Index (GCI) – have been examined for the workspace optimization of the sixteen fundamental robot manipulators classified by B. Huang and V. Milenkovic [Kinematics of major robot linkages, Robotics International of(More)
Robotics has gained popularity in education so many engineering schools are offering robotics courses. In this study, a novel robot toolbox, ‘‘ROBOLAB’’ is developed for the educational users to improve the understanding of robotics fundamentals through interactive real-time simulation. To understand manipulator movement in 3-D space with increasing number(More)
In this paper, the inverse kinematics solutions for 16 industrial 6-Degrees-of-Freedom (DOF) robot manipulators with offset wrists are solved analytically and numerically based on the existence of the closed form equations. A new numerical algorithm is proposed for the inverse kinematics of the robot manipulators that cannot be solved in closed form. In(More)
A new robot toolbox for dynamics simulation based on MATLAB Graphical User Interface (GUI) is developed for educational purposes. It is built on the previous version named as ROBOLAB performing only the kinematics analysis of robot manipulators. The toolbox presented in this paper provides interactive real-time simulation and visualization of the industrial(More)
The major complications of inverse kinematics problem for serial robot manipulators are singularities and nonlinearities. In this context, it is important to formulize the inverse problem in a compact closed form. In this paper, we present closed form solutions of the 6-DOF industrial robot manipulators with Euler wrist using dual quaternions. The(More)
Nowadays, Planar Parallel Manipulators (PPMs) are widely used due to many inherent characteristics over the serial manipulator. In this paper, PPM with 3-RRR (revolute joints) configuration is simulated using Pro/mechanism and investigated analytically. Revolute joints are considered as joints with virtually no mechanical limits so that the workspace can be(More)