Serdar Kucuk

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In this paper, conventional global and local indices – structural length index, manipulability measure, condition number and Global Conditioning Index (GCI) – have been examined for the workspace optimization of the sixteen fundamental robot manipulators classified by B. Huang and V. Milenkovic [Kinematics of major robot linkages, Robotics International of(More)
This paper presents the link mass optimization of a serial robot ma-nipulator based on minimum joint torque requirements that is primary concern in the industrial robot applications. The optimization of link mass globally minimizes joint torques weighted by inverse of inertia matrix. Genetic algorithm (GA) was used to optimize energy produced by robot(More)
In this paper, the relationships between the kinematics design and tracking performance of the model-based adaptive control are studied. For this purpose, the position tracking error convergences of three serial manipulators with joint types of RR, RP and PP are considered. The physical parameters and desired trajectories of these manipulators are assumed(More)
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