Serdar Ethem Hamamci

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This paper presents a solution to the problem of stabilizing a given fractional-order system with time delay using fractional-order PID controllers. It is based on determining a set of global stability regions in the (kp, ki, kd)-space corresponding to the fractional orders λ and μ in the range of (0, 2) and then choosing the biggest global stability region(More)
In this paper, a simple and effective stabilization method for integrating time delay systems using fractional order PD controllers μ s k k s C d p + = ) ( is proposed. The presented method is based on finding the stability regions according to the fractional orders of the derivative element in the range of (0, 2). These regions are computed by using three(More)
This paper deals with the design of PI controllers which achieve the desired frequency and time domain specifications simultaneously. A systematic method, which is effective and simple to apply, is proposed. The required values of the frequency domain performance measures namely the gain and phase margins and the time domain performance measures such as(More)
After being realized practically in 2008, the scientists have started investigating the applications of the memristor element in different engineering fields. In this paper, hoping to be helpful in the modelling of real biomedical systems and the design of secure communication systems, the fourelement Chua circuit containing the memristor is examined and(More)
In this paper, a new chaotic system is proposed by using chaos entanglement method. Chaos entanglement method is based on obtaining the new chaotic systems adding some nonlinear elements to sub-equations of a third order linear system. It is shown from analysis of the new system that it produces a rich chaotic behavior sequence. Furthermore, the proposed(More)