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In this paper a new family of scroll grid attractors is presented. These families are classified into three called 1D-, 2D-and 3D-grid scroll attractors depending on the location of the equilibrium points in state space. The scrolls generated from 1D-, 2D-and 3D-grid scroll attractors are located around the equilibrium points on a line, on a plane or in 3D,(More)
An electronic circuit realization of a modified Lorenz system, which is multiplier-free, is described. The well-known butterfly chaotic attractor is experimentally observed verifying that the proposed modified system does capture the essential dynamics of the original Lorenz system. Furthermore, we clarify that the butterfly attractor is a compound(More)
—The aim of this paper is to present a simple circuit design method for realizing a nonautonomous chaotic oscillator given a second-order sinusoidal oscillator with two capacitors. The proposed method relies on applying a periodic pulse train, as an exciting source, and the addition of a signum-type nonlinear transconductor to the given sinusoidal(More)