Serdar Özgen

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Several genomic loci have been previously found to be associated with intervertebral disc degeneration, so far. Data are mostly derived from northern European countries whereas data derived from Southern European Ancestor are limited. This study aimed to evaluate the association between radiological disease severity of lumbar disc degeneration and certain(More)
Background. Cervical corpectomy is a common spinal surgery procedure used to decompress the spinal cord in numerous degenerative, traumatic and neoplastic conditions. The aim of this study was to investigate the indications, complications and outcomes in past cervical corpectomy cases at one centre. Method. 72 patients who underwent cervical corpectomy(More)
In this paper, a patient with brucellar spondylitis who was initially diagnosed as having a lumbar disc herniation is presented. As the disc tissue enlarges in the early stages of discitis because of the inflammatory reaction, it may compress the related root(s) mimicking a disc herniation. For this reason infectious discitis, as in our case, should be kept(More)
A case of syringomyelia associated with cervical spondylotic myelopathy is presented. A decompressive cervical laminectomy was performed. The patient improved gradually after operation. It is concluded that the choice of surgical treatment in cases with syringomyelia associated with cervical spondylotic myelopathy requires a careful neurological and(More)
Objective: This paper reports the results of a prospective randomized double-blind trial on the effects of pre-operative clonidine on platelet aggregation. Methods: Thirty adult (ASA I–II) patients undergoing elective minor orthopaedic surgery were randomly allocated into three groups of ten patients each. In group I clonidine 2 μg · kg−1, in group II(More)
OBJECTIVE Clinical characteristics and management of hemangioblastomas of the spinal cord associated with von Hippel-Lindau syndrome have been extensively covered in the literature. This report aims to analyze the characteristics and surgical treatment results of sporadic spinal hemangioblastomas (SSHB). METHODS This is a retrospective analysis of 14(More)
Our aim was to conduct a biomechanical comparison of the pull-out strengths of inside–outside (I/O) screws, cables, and bone screws to determine whether I/O screws provide greater pull-out resistance than cables or bone screws, and their effectiveness with the screw diameter. There is no remarkable biomechanical experimental study comparing the I/O(More)
A 37-year-old man was admitted to our clinic with sudden onset of severe headache and vomiting. Fundoscopic ophthalmic examination revealed papiledema as a sign of increased intracranial pressure. Cranial magnetic resonance imaging revealed homogenous gadolinium, enhanced cystic lesion in the third ventricle and agenesis of the septum pellucidum.(More)
4 Benign intracranial hypertension may occasionally be associated with cranial nerve palsies. Abducens nerve palsies occur in 10 % to 20 % patients with benign intracranial hypertension, other cranial nerve palsies occur much less frequently. We reported a 25-year-old woman benign intracranial hypertension with bilateral seventh nerve palsy. Complete(More)
Spinal nerve root hemangioblastomas present mostly as intradural-extradurally. Purely extradural spinal nerve root hemangioblastoma is a very rare entity. In this study, we aimed to analyze epidemiological perspectives of purely extradural spinal nerve root hemangioblastomas presented in English medical literature in addition to our own exemplary case.(More)