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Giant cell tumor of the small bones, particularly the carpal bones of the hand, is exceedingly rare. We present a case report of giant cell tumor of the capitate in a 24 year-old female with 10 years postoperative follow-up. Although carpal bones are extremely unusual location, orthopedic surgeons should always keep in mind that differential diagnosis must(More)
INTRODUCTION The purpose of this study was to comparatively evaluate the clinical outcomes of open carpal tunnel release with or without flexor tenosynovectomy and epineurectomy for the treatment of idiopathic carpal tunnel syndrome. METHODS In this prospective single-blinded study, 61 wrists of 47 patients randomized to open carpal tunnel release without(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study is to present and validate a hinge-fixator technique for the treatment of open tibial fractures, which has advantages in application and the follow up period. METHODS The technique was used in open tibia fractures of 14 adult patients. Using this method, initial anatomic reduction was achieved and temporary stability(More)
BACKGROUND Early hospital readmission after surgically treated hip fracture is a common entity, often involving an adverse event and causing strains on an already overburdened healthcare system. The main purposes of the present study were to determine the 30-day readmission rate, analyze the predictive factors for early hospital readmissions, and assess(More)
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