Sercan Özkaçmaz

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A boy was delivered via cesarean section at 37 weeks of pregnancy of a 37-year-old female who was referred to our hospital because of breech presentation. A giant cystic lesion was palpated on the cervical-occipital and upper thoracic regions of the fetus. The skin covering the lesion was intact ( fig. 1 ). There was neither a history of suspicious(More)
Os calcaneus secundarius is one of several accessory ossicles of the foot that have been identified as normal variants of skeletal development. It may cause ankle pain and may mimic an avulsion fracture of the anterior calcaneal process. A twenty-year-old male was admitted to our institution with right ankle pain following an inversion injury. An axial CT(More)
Primary bladder angiosarcomas are extremely rare but aggressive tumors. Due to the small number of cases (less than 30) reported to date, the information about natural tumor progression, optimal treatment procedure and prognosis are limited. Also, published reports of bladder angiosarcoma have not adequately featured imaging findings. Herein we report(More)
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