Serap Altay Arpali

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A simulator is designed in MATLAB code which gives the propagation characteristics of a general-type beam in turbulent atmosphere. When the required source and medium parameters are entered, the simulator yields the average intensity profile along the propagation axis in a video format. In our simulator, the user can choose the option of a "user defined(More)
In order to analyze the effect of beam type on free space optical communication systems, bit error rate (BER) values versus signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) are calculated for zero order and higher order general beam types, namely for Gaussian, cos-Gaussian, cosh-Gaussian, and annular beams. BER analysis is based on optical scintillation using log-normal(More)
Undiluted blood samples are difficult to image in large volumes since blood constitutes a highly absorbing and scattering medium. As a result of this limitation, optical imaging of rare cells (e.g., circulating tumour cells) within unprocessed whole blood remains a challenge, demanding the use of special microfluidic technologies. Here we demonstrate a new(More)
Propagation of optical flat-topped Gaussian beams in earth-satellite optical communication links is investigated where part of the link is turbulent atmosphere. Flat-topped Gaussian source field is obtained by superposing many Gaussian beams of different source size. Starting with the flat-topped Gaussian incidence at the earth surface, the average(More)
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