Serafina Farigu

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Human amniotic-derived cells (hAMCs) have recently raised interest for their differentiation capability and immunomodulatory properties. To assess the feasibility of hAMCs therapeutic treatment during fetal development, we explored the localization of cells derived from the human amniotic membrane in rat organs after in utero transplantation. Rats were(More)
Paratuberculosis (PTBC) is a chronic inflammation of the intestines of ruminants but it can also strike other species, including primates. Ovine paratuberculosis lesions have been the subject of authoritative observations (Perez et al., 1996). The macroscopic picture shows a thickening and wrinkling of the intestinal mucous membrane, regional lymphangitis(More)
Myofibroblasts are key fibrogenic cells responsible for excessive extracellular matrix synthesis characterizing the fibrotic lesion. In liver fibrosis, myofibroblasts derive either from activation of hepatic stellate cells (HSC) and portal fibroblasts (PF), or from the activation of fibroblasts that originate from ductular epithelial cells undergoing(More)
Maedi-visna is a systemic disease of sheep caused by a lentivirus, maedi-visna virus (MVV), which mainly affects the lungs and central nervous system but may also affect the mammary glands, joints and other tissues. The aim of the present study was to determine whether the third eyelid was affected in cases of systemic infection. Third eyelid and lung(More)
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