Serafim Vlaev

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Production of biomass and extracellular polysaccharide (EPS) from psychrophilic Sporobolomyces salmonicolor AL1 in a stirred bioreactor was studied. The aspects of production technical-scale parameters, namely, bioreactor flow field, biomass and EPS production rates, oxygen mass transfer per input power, as well as important product properties, such as(More)
The paper presents experimental evidence for the potentials of CFD methodology in revealing external flow and inner flow shear deformation rates in stirred tanks. Two basic issues are considered: could CFD produce valid solutions for shear rates in mixing vessels, and could practical shear rate differences relevant to specific impeller designs be reproduced(More)
Waste removal efficiency of gas-liquid biofilter reactors for waste water treatment depends on its flow regime and residence time distribution (RTD) as key parameters of bio-reactor performance. The present study reports RTD regime in a fibrous fixed bed biofilm reactor related to a fluid velocity range appropriate for biofilm operation. The data from(More)
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