Serafim Bakalis

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Tau protein undergoes a shift in its molecular mass and its electrophoretic complexity during early postnatal development. We have sequenced a tau cDNA from an adult rat brain expression library and have found two inserted sequences. One of these inserts predicts a fourth repeated sequence homologous to the other three in the carboxyl end of tau that have(More)
Gas sorption scanning curves are increasingly used as a means to supplement the pore structural information implicit in boundary adsorption and desorption isotherms to obtain more detailed pore space descriptors for disordered solids. However, co-operative adsorption phenomena set fundamental limits to the level of information that conventional scanning(More)
We previously defined two classes of microtubule polymer in the axons of cultured sympathetic neurons that differ in their sensitivity to nocodazole by roughly 35-fold (Baas and Black (1990) J. Cell Biol. 111, 495-509). Here we demonstrate that virtually all of the microtubule polymer in these axons, including the drug-labile polymer, is stable to cold.(More)
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) are components of complex organic mixtures featuring liquid and solid fossil fuels as well as tars derived from combustion and/or pyrolysis of coal and hydrocarbon fuels. PAH can also be detected at the exhaust of combustion systems, often associated to carbon particulate matter emissions. Due to their high(More)
Guar galactomannan from seed of Cyamopsis tetragonolobus was hydrolyzed using acid (HCl), base [Ba(OH)2] and enzyme (mannanase) method to obtain depolymerized substances with possible functional applications as soluble dietary fiber. Rheological behavior of crude, purified, and depolymerized guar gum solutions was studied at 25 °C, using shear stress and(More)
Model predictive controller (MPC), even when well projected, is minded to unmeasured disturbances along operation. It is usual to observe offset between controlled variables and their set points in result of those disturbances. The undesirable offset may cause loss of quality and profits, unconformity of the final product or, at the furthest cases, the(More)
In the hydrometallurgical recovery process of Fe and Mn from ores and scrap, hydrochloric acid was used to leach these metals in the aqueous solution. Following this, solvent extraction techniques were employed to recover these metals from the chloride-rich solution. Recently, ionic liquids (ILs) have been widely employed in solvent extraction because of(More)
The influence of pulsed electric fields (PEF) pre-treatment of sweet cherry (Prunus Avium) fruits of “Duroni Nero” variety both on the extraction yield and antioxidant properties of juice obtained by pressing, and on the subsequent extraction with solvent of bioactive compounds from cherry by-products (press-cake) was investigated. PEF pre-treatments were(More)
Dip coating is a very common process in food manufacturing. Controlling the thickness of the coating is key to deliver the desired sensorial properties and to be compliant with the product’s nutritional claims. Whilst dip coating with Newtonian liquids is physically well understood, coating food products almost invariably involve liquids with more complex(More)
A comprehensive mathematical model of the digestive processes in humans could allow for better design of functional foods which may play a role in stemming the prevalence of food related diseases around the world. This work presents a mathematical model for a nutrient based feedback mechanism controlling gastric emptying, which has been identified in vivo(More)