Serafín Olcoz

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Abs t rac t . In this paper we propose a methodology for the detection of some bad behaviours (e.g. deadlocks) in VHDL descriptions based on structural analysis techniques of Petri nets. The bad behaviours that we consider concern the execution control flow of a VHDL description. This methodology works in three steps. First, a formal description in Petri(More)
A new set of tools for Teamwork, Organization Units, Workspace and Build management of VHDL-based reusable components, organized in libraries, accessible through an heterogeneous and distributed environment is presented. These tools support the collaborative and distributed development of systems-on-a-chip reusing VHDL components available through the(More)
Three navigation tools are presented to statically and interactively analyze Soft-Cores described in VHDL. These tools ease the adoption of mechanisms to perform reviews and audits procedures similar to those adopted in software development. These navigation tools help to better understand and reuse VHDL Soft-Cores. The three navigators are integrated in a(More)
This paper presents the use of VHDL prototyping as an effective basis for developing electronic (hardware and software) systems. VHDL simulation is the plat$orm on which a distributed environment for debugging the hardware and the sojlware, that is running on the VHDL prototype, is built. To do it, the natural monitoring and observing facilities provided by(More)
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