Ser Peow Tan

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We generalize McShane’s identity for the length series of simple closed geodesics on a cusped hyperbolic surface [19] to a general identity for hyperbolic cone-surfaces (with all cone angles ≤ π), possibly with cusps and/or geodesic boundary. The general identity is obtained by studying gaps formed by simplenormal geodesics emanating from a distinguished(More)
The Andreev-Thurston theorem states that for any triangulation of a closed orientable surface Σg of genus g which is covered by a simple graph in the universal cover, there exists a unique metric of curvature 1, 0 or −1 on the surface depending on whether g = 0, 1 or ≥ 2 such that the surface with this metric admits a circle packing with combinatorics given(More)
Soybeans have been cultivated and consumed in Asia for many centuries. Soy products can be found in all households in Asian countries, and Asian children begin to consume soy formulas and soy products at a very young age. In a study of soy exposure in a group of healthy Singaporean children < 10 y of age, 70% had consumed soy products and of those > 95% had(More)
Let Σg be a closed orientable surface of genus g ≥ 2 and τ a graph on Σg with one vertex which lifts to a triangulation of the universal cover. We have shown that the cross ratio parameter space Cτ associated with τ , which can be identified with the set of all pairs of a projective structure and a circle packing on it with nerve isotopic to τ , is(More)
In this note we announce several results concerning the SL(2,C) character variety X of a one-holed torus. We give a description of the largest open subset XBQ of X on which the mapping class group Γ acts properly discontinuously, in terms of two very simple conditions, and show that a series identity generalizing McShane’s identity for the punctured torus(More)
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