Septimia Sarbu

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In this paper we study various chain codes, which are representations of binary image contours, in terms of their ability to compress in the best way the contour information using memory models. We consider five chain codes, including the widely used AF8 and 3OT codes, and note that they correspond to memory models of first and second order for contour(More)
To facilitate analysis and understanding of biological systems, large-scale data are often integrated into models using a variety of mathematical and computational approaches. Such models describe the dynamics of the biological system and can be used to study the changes in the state of the system over time. For many model classes, such as discrete or(More)
We study in this paper ways to reduce the complexity required by a vector quantization scheme, which uses the shells of Golay codes for coding sub-vectors of the input vector. Such a scheme was recently shown to achieve top performance in terms of segmental SNR in the generic situation of data affected by outliers, which is relevant for the case of audio(More)
We prove the Courtade-Kumar conjecture, which states that the mutual information between any Boolean function of an n-dimensional vector of independent and identically distributed inputs to a memoryless binary symmetric channel and the corresponding vector of outputs is upper-bounded by 1 − H(p), where H(p) represents the binary entropy function. That is,(More)
Shannon and Rényi information theory have been applied to coupling estimation in complex systems using time series of their dynamical states. By analysing how information is transferred between constituent parts of a complex system, it is possible to infer the coupling parameters of the system. To this end, we introduce the partial Rényi transfer entropy(More)
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