Septavera Sharvia

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The ability to perform an effective and robust safety analysis on the design of modern safety–critical systems is crucial. Model-based safety analysis (MBSA) has been introduced in recent years to support the assessment of complex system design by focusing on the system model as the central artefact, and by automating the synthesis and analysis of(More)
Clinical workflows are safety critical workflows as they have the potential to cause harm or death to patients. Their safety needs to be considered as early as possible in the development process. Effective safety analysis methods are required to ensure the safety of these high-risk workflows, because errors that may happen through routine workflow could(More)
Model-Based Safety Analysis (MBSA) techniques have been introduced to address the challenges arising from the increasing scale and complexity of modern safety critical systems. Focus has been placed on automating the synthesis and analysis of failure-extended models. The two most prominent paradigms in MSBA are the Compositional Safety Analysis (CSA) and(More)
Radiology Information Systems (RIS) and Picture Archiving and Communication systems (PACS) are used widely to help in the workflow management in radiology departments. Effective safety analysis tools are needed to ensure the reliability of these high-risk workflows, because errors that may happen through routine workflow propagate within the workflow to(More)
EAST-ADL is a domain-specific modelling language for the engineering of automotive embedded systems. The language has abstractions that enable engineers to capture a variety of information about design in the course of the lifecycle — from requirements to detailed design of hardware and software architectures. The specification of the EAST-ADL language(More)
New processes for the design of dependable systems must address both cost and dependability concerns. They should also maximize the potential for automation to address the problem of increasing technological complexity and the potentially immense design spaces that need to be explored. In this paper we show a design process that integrates system modelling,(More)