Seppo Ruotsalainen

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Nikkanen, T. & Ruotsalainen, S. 2000. Variation in flowering abundance and its impact on the genetic diversity of the seed crop in a Norway spruce seed orchard. Silva Fennica 34(3): 205–222. The variation in flowering abundance was studied in a Norway spruce seed orchard, located in southern Finland (62°13'N, 25°24'E), consisting of 67 clones from northern(More)
Within a local population genotypes differ in the timing of bud burst, but genotypes with early bud burst unfold their leaves slower, resulting in an equal period of carbon gain. The ability of local populations to cope with disturbances like adverse weather events or a changing climate depends on the genotypic richness of such populations, emphasising the(More)
Forest ground heterogeneity can affect interactions among tree species and control the assembly of local forest communities. Less is known of the effects of spatial heterogeneity on the maintenance of tree genetic variation through small-scale genotype × environment (G × E) interactions. We measured growth variation within and among 17 Betula pendula(More)
Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) seedlots of different genetic quality were compared in realised gain trials at six sites in southern Finland at an age of 14–15 years. Synthetic seedlot mixtures of 1.5-generation plus trees showed consistent superiority to both first-generation orchard seedlots and unimproved checklots in growth, slenderness and relative(More)
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