Seppo Nevalainen

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The empirical evaluation of program visualisation has been based mostly on observations of long-term effects of the program visualisation tools, while possible short-term effects of the visualisations and their relation to the long-term effects have been elided. In order to study short-term effects of visualisation of variables in a context where the(More)
We surveyed the regional distribution of conifer defoliation in Finland with an extensive monitoring network during 1995-2006 (EU Forest Focus Level I). The average defoliation in the whole Finland was 10.3% in pine and 19.9% in spruce. The sharp changes were often related to abiotic and biotic factors. The mean age of the stand explained more than one half(More)
Abstract Pulmonary alveolar proteinosis (PAP) is a rare disease, with several aetiologies. This study reports the first Finnish case of PAP with possible induction by silica dust. A 58-year-old male patient had a documented history of heavy exposure to silica dust over a long period, although he himself considered the exposure to be low. The patient's(More)
Empirical evaluation of visualizations has so far been typically carried out by measuring the performance of participants that have been shown the visualization in relation to control group by grading programming tasks. Such studies tell little about what effects take place during the visualizations and how these effects build up into the learning effects.(More)
Exceedance of critical limits in soil solution samples was more frequent in intensively monitored forest plots across Europe with critical loads for acidity and eutrophication exceeded compared to other plots from the same network. Elevated inorganic nitrogen concentrations in soil solution tended to be related to less favourable nutritional status. Forests(More)
The probability of pine sawfly damage was highest in drier sites, while Gremmeniella abietina damage showed an opposite pattern. ICP Forests and rolling National Forest Inventory (NFI) data have good potential for quantifying patterns in damage occurrence, but region-wise NFIs may produce biased results. Factors affecting the occurrence of important biotic(More)
The decay resistance of European (Populus tremula L.) and hybrid (P. tremula x tremuloides) aspen wood against brown-rot fungi was investigated after three different treatments, i.e. conventional drying, press drying and heat treatment. For both aspen species, the mass loss after exposure to Gloeophyllum trabeum was higher than after exposure to Coniophora(More)
When visualization tools utilized in computer science education have been evaluated empirically, the results have been controversial. The extent to which the tools have benefited learning has remained unclear, as well as the ways through which the benefit has been achieved. In our research, we have chosen to vary type of students’ engagement and(More)
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