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This study concerns the detection of epileptic seizures from electroencephalogram (EEG) data using computational methods. Using short sliding time windows, a set of features is computed from the data. The feature set includes time domain, frequency domain and nonlinear features. Discriminant analysis is used to determine the best seizure-detecting features(More)
The cadmium content of human cancellous bone was related to age, sex, bone loss, physical properties, and elemental composition. Bone specimens from the anterior iliac crest were collected from 889 cadavers with a normal mineral status, and from 50 cadavers which had bone loss from chronic diseases and immobilization. The element concentrations were(More)
Seventy-two 45,X females (Turner syndrome) were examined for occlusal anomalies. Prevalence comparisons were made with first-degree female relatives and female population controls. The method of Björk et al [1964] was used for determination of malocclusion. The results clearly suggest an increased prevalence of occlusal anomalies in 45,X females. The most(More)
Seventy-two females with 45,X-chromosome complement were examined for palatal dimensions, and the results of the measurements were compared to those of first-degree normal female relatives of the study subjects and population control females. Hard stone casts were prepared for measuring widths and lengths of the maxillary alveolar arch and palatal height(More)
Duplicate cancellous bone samples from the iliac crest were obtained from autopsies of 88 persons with a normal mineral status and 50 having osteoporotic change due to chronic immobilizing diseases. The following parameters were determined: the minimal density with gamma-ray attenuation, the compressive strength with a strain transducer, the concentrations(More)
The fluoride (F) content of bone was determined and compared to the elemental composition, mineral density and compressive strength in bone specimens from the crista iliac of 88 subjects who had died suddenly, and from 50 subjects who had died as the result of chronic immobilizing diseases. The elemental composition of bone was determined using an atomic(More)
The standardized annual incidence of farmer's lung (FL) leading to hospitalization during 1980 in Finland was 50 per 100 000 persons employed in farming. Using preset uniform criteria, data were collected from all pulmonary disease units in the country. There were 186 new cases of FL in 1980. The mean age was 46 years, and 64% were women. Using the national(More)
Selection of caries-risk groups is difficult and unreliable. In this study we analyzed the known correlates of caries and their interrelations. The subjects (n = 153) were seventh graders (13 yr old) from a school in Kuopio. Data were collected by mail survey (n = 150), from the clinical registers of the local health center (n = 135), and from a saliva(More)
The usefulness of imputation in the treatment of missing values of an otoneurologic database for the discriminant analysis was evaluated on the basis of the agreement of imputed values and the analysis results. The data consisted of six patient groups with vertigo (N=564). There were 38 variables and 11% of the data was missing. Missing values were filled(More)