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Event-Related Desynchronization (ERD) and Synchronization (ERS) of several EEG alpha frequencies was studied in 19 subjects during the presentation of linguistic and/or melodic auditory stimuli. The stimulus length was 1300 msec (+/−100 msec) and the interstimulus interval was 2000 msec. A significant ERD was found during auditory stimulation in the 8–10 Hz(More)
We have studied the effect and acceptance of a sonified menu structure in a mobile phone. In this experiment, mobile phones with a special software were given to test users for a period of three weeks. Sonification design was done using earcons, and it covered the whole menu structure, except the Services and Phonebook applications (the structures of which(More)
Several new software techniques are available that can be used to enhance the productivity and flexibility of speech signal processing especially in research and exploratory prograrnrning of new algorithms. This paper describes an object-oriented signal processing environment QuickSig and how it is applied in various speech processing tasks. The notion of(More)
Many countries define legislative targets for the ecological status of aquatic ecosystems. Fulfilling these legally binding targets requires often large scale and expensive management actions. The expected benefits from alternative actions are commonly compared with deterministic ecosystem models. However, from a practical management point of view the(More)
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