Sepideh Hassan-Moghaddam

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We consider the problem of growing connected networks of resistors where effective resistance is used as a performance metric. This problem can be cast as a semidefinite program by introducing an `1 regularization into the optimal control formulation. For small networks this problem can be solved via standard interior point method solvers (e.g., SeDuMi or(More)
We study an optimal control problem aimed at achieving a desired tradeoff between the network coherence and communication requirements in the distributed controller. Our objective is to add a certain number of edges to an undirected network, with a known graph Laplacian, in order to optimally enhance closed-loop performance. To promote controller sparsity,(More)
We study the problem of identifying sparse interaction topology using sample covariance matrix of the state of the network. Specifically, we assume that the statistics are generated by a stochastically-forced undirected first-order consensus network with unknown topology. We propose a method for identifying the topology using a regularized Gaussian maximum(More)
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